Morning Session:


“Ikigai,” the Japanese value which seeks meaning and worth in ones’ life will be explored as it relates to your work and career.

Sebastian Kakazu, Founder of Kenmei Coaching from Paraguay will present the concept of “Ikigai- your reason for being” and how your life’s journey can be more fulfilling by following Ikigai concepts.

Ken Teramura, Founder of Be Positive Coaching from Canada will have participants map out Ikigai concepts for their lives, their businesses and organizations, and provide a format for followup accountability sessions to ensure participants complete their Ikigai strategies.


Join a high impact learning and engaging workshop to brainstorm and discuss ways to connect and create a global Nikkei youth & young adult community. The workshop is designed to exchange your ideas of networking, create successful projects in your community, and establish your own international network!
The moderators are Dr. Curtiss Takada Rooks, Senior Research Associate and Assistant Professor of Asian Pacific American Studies at Loyola Marymount University, and Dr. Lindsey Sasaki Kogasaka, Assistant Director of Study Abroad at Pomona College. This workshop is hosted by The Nippon Foundation, in collaboration with the Japanese American National Museum.


Tom Ikeda, Executive Director of Densho, will demonstrate how Nikkei personal stories can inspire and create knowledge. He will also show how these stories can be assessed and preserved in perpetuity for future generations.  Following the presentation, participants will work in small groups to discuss ongoing or potential story-collecting projects for their communities. This session provides background information and group discussions that will complement the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) Discover Nikkei session that will be offered in the afternoon.



In conjunction with Japanese American Citizens League (JACL) and National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC). A discussion on current issues that Nikkei are supporting and taking action upon: The need to support causes outside of our own communities because of what we have gone through during WWII.
JACL Executive Director David Inoue will moderate this conversation with Canadian Nikkei writer/actor/lawyer/filmmaker Maryka Omatsu, Karen Korematsu (Fred T. Korematsu Institute) and Grace Shimizu (Japanese Peruvian Oral History Project).

Afternoon Session:


Co-moderators Alex Miki (Canada, Young Leaders Committee, National Association of Japanese Canadians (NAJC)) and Kota Mizutani (United States, Japanese American Citizens League National Youth/Student Council (JACL NY/SC)) will lead a discussion that continues the youth conversation that was started at the 2017 COPANI in Lima, Peru. They will address their goals including community sustainability and digital connectivity. This will allow them to discuss the morning session in review and propose their own strategies to present in the self-empowerment young adult panel discussion at the end of the day.



Learn about projects that have been documented and shared about Nikkei family and community stories in various ways – from personal family history projects to community history preservation projects shared online and on film. Panelists will be Shinji Hirai (Mexico), Alberto Matsumoto (Argentina/Japan), Masato Ninomiya (Brazil) and Emiko Tsuchida (United States). Yoko Nishimura (Japanese American National Museum) will present additional examples from Discover Nikkei.


Afternoon All-Young Adult Panel Discussion Session:

As more young adults are in positions of responsibility as official APN delegates, the generational transition is in process.  To conclude our conference, the first all-youth/young adult COPANI panel will reflect on our conference theme “The future is here.”  They will share their aspirations and ideas that can be realized and presented by the next COPANI in two years time in Asuncion, Paraguay.  There will also be an announcement of the Nikkei App project (first developed in the youth/young adult workshop at the previous COPANI in Lima, Peru).

*May be subject to change.

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