Full 3-day Registration Closed on 8/31 at 11:59 PDT

The registration for the full 3 day convention closed at midnight at the end of August. However, 1-day registration is still available for California residents:

Adults (Age 30+): $95/day
Youth/Young Adults (Age 29 & Under): $75/day
Price includes lunch. Evening activities are not included. Valid for Fri 9/20 or Sat 9/21 only. Cash or check accepte

In case you were wondering, here’s what we had on the front/home page of this website with regards to the full registration:

Please book your own flights and accommodations, apply for any necessary travel visas, and


Register now! Do not miss the opportunity to attend a special event for a limited number of people. → The maximum number of people who can attend this event to take place on 9/20 in the evening has been reached.

Book hotels in/near Japantown as soon as possible! See Travel Information for more info.

February 1st-April 30th: Adult $325, Youth/Young Adult $275*
May 1st-July 31st: Adult $375, Youth/Young Adult $325
August 1st onward (cash only): Adult $425, Youth/Young Adult $375
Adult $375, Youth/Young Adult $325 until further notice.

*Youth/Young Adult registrants (age 29 or under) were refunded the difference if they paid before the discounted fee became available.


2月1日〜4月30日:大人 325ドル、青少年/29歳以下の大人 275ドル*
5月1日〜7月31日:大人 375ドル、青少年/29歳以下の大人 325ドル
8月1日以降(現金のみ):大人 425ドル、青少年/29歳以下の大人 375ドル
大人 375ドル、青少年/29歳以下の大人 325ドル 追って通知があるまで。


¡Regístrate ahora! No pierda la oportunidad de asistir a un evento especial para un número limitado de personas. ¡Reserva hoteles en/cerca de Japantown lo antes posible!

 1 de febrero-30 de abril: Adulto $325, Joven/Adulto Joven $275*
 1 de mayo-31 de julio: Adulto $375, Joven/Adulto Joven $325
 1 de agosto en adelante (solamente efectivo): Adulto $425, Joven/Adulto Joven $375
Adulto $375, Joven/Adulto Joven $325 hasta nuevo aviso.

*En dólares de EE.UU. La tarifa de Jóvenes/Adultos Jóvenes es para personas de 29 años o menos. Se les reembolsó la diferencia si pagaban antes de que la tarifa de descuento estuviera disponible.

Registre-se agora! Não perca a oportunidade de participar de um evento especial para um número limitado de pessoas. Reservar hotéis em/perto de Japantown ASAP!

1 de fevereiro a 30 de abril: Adulto: $325, Jovem/Jovem Adulto: $275*
1 de maio a 31 de julho: Adulto: $375; Jovens/Jovens Adultos: $325.
1 de agosto em diante (apenas em dinheiro): Adulto: $425, Jovem/Adulto Jovem $375
Adulto: $375; Jovens/Jovens Adultos: $325 até novo aviso.

*Em dólares americanos. A taxa de Jovens/Jovens Adultos é para pessoas de 29 anos ou menos. Eles foram reembolsados pela diferença se pagaram antes da taxa de desconto estar disponível.

SPECIAL OFFER! — $269/night —
Holiday Inn Golden Gateway is hosting the overnight accommodations scheduled from 19-26 September 2019, for COPANI XX. Click here to make your reservations: Copani XX – 2019 and input the arrival and departure dates. If you wish to extend your stay outside of these dates, you will need to book a separate reservation on the website or contact Holiday Inn Golden Gateway directly at (+1) (866) 272-7098. Please make reservations as soon as possible. The rate will be valid as long as rooms are available. Extended until 8/20!!

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